AEROBIKA Airway (Mucus) Clearance Device


People with lung conditions such as COPD, bronchiectasis with nontuberculous mycobacterial (NTM) disease and Cystic Fibrosis often produce a large amount of mucus. If the mucus is allowed to collect in the airways, breathing may become difficult and infection may occur. The Aerobika airway clearance device is to help mobilize mucus from the airways.


Don’t wait to start managing your respiratory condition. Take control of your health with the AEROBIKA device.

Natural and Drug-free

Your breathing shouldn’t be something you put on hold. Start managing your condition with the AEROBIKA device – a natural, drug-free therapy for managing your respiratory condition.

Opens and Clears Airways

The AEROBIKA device can help in clearing mucus and opening airways to improve breathing.

Quick and Easy to Use

Your time should not just consist of endless visits to your doctor. The AEROBIKA device can help improve breathing by clearing mucus and opening airways so that you have more time for the people you love and things you enjoy!

An Award-Winning Innovation in Drug-Free Airway Clearance Therapy


Reduction in COPD flare-ups at 30 days

Improvement in quality of life


How does the AEROBIKA* OPEP Device Work To Clear Airway (Phlegm and Mucus)?

  • Aerobika is Drug free, natural airway clearance
  • Easy to use, clean and disinfect
  • Can be used in multiple positions
  • Compatible with nebulizer therapy
  • Five resistance settings to adjust to each patient’s expiratory capacity
  • Backed by clinical evidence
  • Not Made or Manufactured with BPA, Natural Rubber Latex, Phthalates, Lead, or PVC


COPD Disease Symptoms