Catalina Medical Oxygen Aluminium Cylinders is the lightweight and standard for ambulatory oxygen. Cylinders Size E are provided for mobility with standard therapy duration. Size E is the most standard size for transportation. Duration will vary with cylinder size and liter flow. Larger cylinders are provided for stationary use. Once again, duration will vary with cylinder size.

Lightweight, high-performance medical cylinders provide significant benefits not only for oxygen patients, but also for caregivers, respiratory therapists, nurses, emergency medical personnel and others who regularly use and handle oxygen equipment.



  • Cylinder sizes: Size E
  • Valve types: Pin index
  • Medical Gas: Medical Oxygen
  • Oxygen Capacity: 680 Liter
  • Cylinder Length: 50 cm
  • Cylinder Outer Diameter: 11 cm
  • Cylinder Weight: 3.58 kg
  • USA manufactured