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A simple oxygen face mask is used to transfer oxygen out of a storage tank and into the lungs. The mask covers the nose and mouth.

Oxygen mask is made of plastic. The plastic version of the mask is inexpensive and disposable, so upkeep is easy. It’s also very light, so patients aren’t made uncomfortable when wearing them. The biggest plus of the plastic oxygen mask is that healthcare providers can see the patient’s face. This makes it easy to see if the patient is in any pain or distress.

Simple oxygen face mask is used for non-life threatening conditions that can possibly worsen. For instance, if a patient comes into the hospital with chest pains, the doctor will more than likely have the patient wear it.

It can be set to deliver a certain amount of oxygen to the patient, but the oxygen may become diluted by air in the room. So if the oxygen mask is loose fitting, a lot of air may enter and mix with the oxygen.

There is a device that can be attached to the simple oxygen mask to help control the concentration of oxygen called an oxygen concentrator.

(Available size for adult and child)

Technical Info:

  • Medical grade PVC material
  • Non sterile
  • Face adapted ergonomic mask
  • Aluminum wire to adjustment
  • 200 cm connecting tube, kink resistant by interior channel
  • Connectors appropriated to the international standards

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