What is oxygen cylinder (tank)?

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What is oxygen cylinder (tank)?

An oxygen tank holds compressed oxygen gas under pressure in a carbon steel or stainless steel container called a gas cylinder. In order to withstand the internal pressure the cylinders are a single piece constructed to avoid weak seams. They are sealed at the top of the cylinder with a heavy gauge metal, gasketed, regulating valve. They are tall and narrow in shape with a flat heavy bottom allowing them to be stable in an upright position.


Flow Regulator

The regulator allows a variable rate of oxygen flow depending on the use or application. The regulator unit typically has a dual pressure gauge that measures upstream (oxygen left in the cylinder) and downstream (outgoing oxygen) pressure flow and a valve connector for say an oxygen mask device to be connected. The regulator is adjusted by a knob device that can adjust oxygen flow through the regulator.


Safety Precautions
Oxygen under high pressure must be stored at relatively low temperatures and the cylinders protected from falling or damage to the regulating collar as it can get broken off and the cylinder can act like a heavy metal projectile and be extremely dangerous. When an oxygen tank is in use there can be no combustible material or airborne particles nearby as oxygen can readily ignite them.

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