What is oxygen concentrator?

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What is an oxygen concentrator?

An oxygen concentrator is a device for delivering medical oxygen to patients who require respiratory assistance. While some medical oxygen systems rely on bottled oxygen, the concentrator is able to extract the oxygen it delivers from the surrounding air. The concentrator is a relatively lightweight alternative that's safer than toting a tank wherever you go, it's easier to transport and unlike a tank, it will never run out.

The oxygen concentrator works by separating oxygen from the surrounding air. Powered using either an AC or DC adaptor, or in some cases a battery pack, the concentrator takes air in through one or more filters to remove airborne particles. The air is passed through a Zeolite-lined chamber. Zeolite is an adsorbent material that attracts nitrogen (which makes up 78% of the air around us), as well as the other trace gases that are present. Oxygen remains free to pass through the system where it is delivered to the patient at a purity rate of up to 95% and the Zeolite chambers return the nitrogen to the atmosphere.

Oxygen concentrators are available as portable and stationary equipment. The portable models are designed to be light enough for easy transport and some are even approved by the Federal Airlines Administration (FAA) for in-flight use. Most portable models come with battery packs, as well as AC and DC power adaptors so they can be used just about anywhere. Stationary models are somewhat bulkier but deliver a higher flow rate than the portable concentrators. These models are generally best suited to in-home use.


How does oxygen concentrator works?

The air that surrounds us normally contains a variety of gases and 21% of that mixture is oxygen. The oxygen concentrator draws the air through an intake valve, passes the air through filters to remove contaminants, and then through another molecular filter, which separates the oxygen from the nitrogen, argon and other contents. By extracting the oxygen, the concentrator delivers a flow of oxygen that will typically have a purity of up to 95%.

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