What is nebulizer?

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What is nebulizer?

A nebulizer machine is a type of inhaler therapy that converts liquid medicine into a fine mist that is easily inhaled. It is a common treatment for asthma and other types of respiratory problems.

Nebulizers are often used by infants, children, people with severe asthma, or anyone else who may have trouble using other asthma treatments. It is a favored asthma treatment because it delivers the medication directly into the lungs so they are more effectively absorbed.

A nebulizer machine is also known as a “breathing treatment” or “breathing therapy.” A nebulizer can deliver both long-acting and short-acting asthma medications.

A nebulizer machine uses pressurized oxygen or air – and in some cases an ultrasonic machine – to deliver medicine through a tube and face mask.

A typical nebulizer machine will have a nebulizer cup, mask, medication, compressor tubing, and a compressor. Because of the compressors, nebulizers tend to be loud and noisy, but companies have developed smaller, portable machines so asthma patients can continue their nebulizer treatments while on the go.

Your doctor will help you choose the right kind of nebulizer machine, treatments, usage and other important information for your asthma therapy.

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