What is BiPAP?

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What is BiPAP?

A BiPAP machine is a relatively small device that assists with a patient's breathing. It is connected by flexible tubing to a face mask worn by the patient (as illustrated). The BiPAP machine helps push air and oxygen into the lungs and then helps to hold the lungs inflated, thereby allowing more oxygen to enter the lungs. BiPAP may be used to support breathing for a number of patient conditions including
• Cardiac Failure
• Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome
• Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
• Pneumonia


When is a BiPAP Machine Used?
A BIPAP machine is used when a patient can not breathe effectively enough to maximize the transport of oxygen into the lungs and then into the blood. It can at times be used instead of a ventilator(breathing machine). Patients can be given short breaks from the BiPAP mask which will normally then be replaced with an ordinary oxygen mask.


How Long is a BiPAP Machine Used?
The Intensive Care doctor determines how long the BIPAP machine is used. It has been used successfully for periods varying from several hours to several weeks in the Intensive Care Unit. BiPAP machines may also be used in specialised respiratory wards. Similiar machines can be used at home for long periods.


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