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"Over 10,000 patients successfully treated with EBV Therapy"
"Over 60 peer reviewed articles published in scientific journals"




✔ Significant Improvement of Lung Function

✔ Improve Life Style

✔ Non-surgical Treatment

✔ Clinically Proven

What is EBV Therapy (Endobronchial Valve Therapy)?
EBV Therapy is a minimally invasive lung treatment for COPD Emphysema patients to improve lung function. EBV Therapy also can be used to decrease persistent air leak in secondary spontaneous pneumothorax. EBV Therapy are the most widely studied technique. More than 25,000 Zephyr EBVs have been implanted globally. In the procedure, tiny, one-way valves are placed in the lungs to block airflow to diseased regions to achieve lung volume reduction. As a result, the remaining healthy regions may function more efficiently, enabling better breathing and an improved quality of life. The valve can also be removed easily, making the procedure potentially reversible and also without the risks and complications of surgery. The whole procedure takes approximately 45 minutes to complete. "EBV Therapy has been shown to be simple, safe and effective in providing sustained improvement in patients’ ability to breathe, their quality of life and exercise capacity” said Professor Felix Herth, MD, PhD, FCCP, Chairman and Head of Pneumology and Respiratory Care at Thoraxklinik, University of Heidelberg, Germany.

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Success Stories of Healing
Before the EBV therapy, I was on a wheelchair if I want to go out for shopping, now I could manage to walk on my own for visiting my friend and relatives and even try to take the stairs slowly. I’m also less depend on the oxygen concentrator nowadays. Last time, I was having hard time to even breath , after the therapy I can easily inhale and my breathing condition has improved so as my quality of life. This therapy really helps me.
Encik Abdul Latif , 80 yrs old
Previously, I was unable breath properly or take a deep breath and I was can’t to lift up any object more than 5 kg. After the therapy I can carry thing between 5 to 10 kg on my own. Last time, I don’t dare not to visit my relatives due to my ill condition and now I’m glad that I can visit them whenever I want .
Liew Tho Chong , 71 yrs old
Before the EBV Therapy, I could not take bath by myself, because it was hard for me to even lift up myself own hands. Now I am able to do much more activities myself much as taking bath or walk to have a tea on my own without shortness of breath. My condition has improved after the EBV therapy.
Liew Ngi Tchi , 58 yrs old


Are you a candidate for EBV Therapy?
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