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Snoring is caused by the airway narrowing or even occluding during sleep. This sleep disorder poses a serious risk to personal relationships and health. The aveoTSD is a medical device that can reduce or eliminate snoring and improve quality of life.

A simple, effective treatment for snoring. The aveoTSD is a unique anti-snoring device. Made from soft, high-grade medical silicone, Traditional mandibular advancement devices indirectly move the tongue forward by moving the mandible. But aveoTSD suctions directly onto the tongue, gently holding it forward and preventing it from falling back into the throat. aveoTSD requires no impressions, no adjustments, no specialist fitting and has no moving parts. It is also indicated for edentulous patients. Developed through more than five years of clinical research into the treatment of snoring, the aveoTSD was created by dental sleep medicine specialist Dr. Chris Robertson.

aveoTSD is made of silicone, is highly tested (ISO 10993). It is approved by FDA as an anti-snoring medical device (FDA K993381). The aveoTSD is available in three sizes: small, medium and large. While the medium size fits 95 percent of individuals.

Wear the aveoTSD to achieve a good night’s sleep. A more rested you means more energy during the day and an overall feeling of improved well-being. With aveoTSD, you will wake up fresh every morning and enjoy better health. In addition, your family members may be happier with less noise in the house because you snore less or nothing at all. aveoTSD is all you need to address your mild obstructive sleep apnea and snoring problems.

Stop snoring. Sleep better. Get aveoTSD.


aveoTSD Instructions:


How aveoTSD Works:

Will aveoTSD work for you?
Step 1: Make a snore sound
Step 2: Stick your tongue out between your lips and make a snore sound
If you cannot easily make a snore sound after your tongue is out, aveoTSD is right for you.

Clinical Evidence:

Clinical Data 1 - Click Here

Clinical Data 2 - Click Here

Clinical Data 3 - Click Here

Download Link:

Download aveoTSD Brochure
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Download aveoTSD User Manual
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Package inclusive of:

1 x aveoTSD
1 x User Instruction Booklet
1 x Storage Container

Country Of Origin: New Zealand

Heavy Snorer and Mild Sleep Apnea


Major signs and symptoms of sleep apnea:
-          Loud and chronic snoring
-          Choking, snorting, or gasping during sleep
-          Long pauses in breathing
-          Daytime sleepiness, no matter how much time you spend in bed


Other common signs and symptoms of sleep apnea include:

-          Waking up with a dry mouth or sore throat

-          Morning headaches

-          Restless or fitful sleep

-          Insomnia or nighttime awakenings

-          Going to the bathroom frequently during the night

-          Waking up feeling out of breath

-          Forgetfulness and difficulty concentrating

-          Moodiness, irritability, or depression







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