About Us

Compass Medical is a distributor of leading edge medical technologies and offers professional solutions for respiratory care, sleep disorders and home care in Malaysia. Compass Medical are backed by a professional team with strong technical backgrounds in the marketing and distribution of medical and healthcare systems and equipment. Compass Medical is a fast growing company dedicated to the distribution and services of medical devices and technology to hospitals, medical centres, clinics and pharmacies.


As stipulated in the Medical Device Act 2012, establishments in Malaysia dealing with medical device must attain GDPMD status to demonstrate its ability to maintain quality, safety and performance of medical devices throughout the value chain.
Compass Medical is proud to be among the first few distributors in Malaysia to have successfully obtained the Good Distribution Practice for Medical Devices (GDPMD) certification by TUV SUD, a registered conformity assessment body with the Medical Device Authority of Minitry of Health (MOH) MALAYSIA. The GDPMD certification underlines Compass Medical’s dedication to quality and compliance to further strengthen capabilities and service offerings to our partners and patients.




Build Compass Medical into a professional and dedicated distributor of various leading edge medical technologies to serve the respiratory care, sleep disorders and home care in Malaysia.
Helping welfare organizations with machines donation and financial support in order contribute back to the society.



With excellent quality management system, Compass Medical aims to provide innovative and high quality medical products to our patients to improve their quality of life, both physically and socially.
Compass Medical ensures to provide adequate product training and explanation to patients. We emphasize the importance of after-sales service to make sure that patients and family are happy with piece of mind eventually benefit from them.



– High quality medical products and services to our patients.

– Constantly searching for innovative medical technologies.

– Provide good education and training to patients, doctors and hospitals.

– Seeking and work with good business partners

– Provide excellent support to welfare organizations.

– Respect Life.


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